Working with our members and other stakeholders, the association will transform Virginia's health care system to achieve top tier performance in safety, quality, value, service and population health. The association's leadership is focused on: principled, innovative and effective advocacy; promoting initiatives that improve health care safety, quality, value and service; and, aligning forces among health care and business entities to advance health and economic opportunity for all Virginians.
Through the power of collaboration, the association will be the recognized driving force behind making Virginia the healthiest state in the nation by 2020.
The Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association (VHHA) formed in 1926 as a trade association of Virginia hospitals.

In 1995, members voted to change the name from the Virginia Hospital Association to reflect changing membership, which includes not only rural and urban hospitals, but integrated health care delivery systems and their long-term care facilities and services, ambulatory care sites, home health services, insurance subsidiaries and other health system-related entities.

VHHA's activities focus on five strategic areas:

1. Principled, Innovative and Effective Advocacy;
2. Improving Safety, Quality, Value and Service;
3. Transforming Data and Analytics Tools;
4. Cutting Edge Education and Communication; and
5. Broadening Membership and Members Impact.

1. Principled, Innovative and Effective Advocacy

  • Proactive, principled policy leadership pursuing what is best for patient health and high-value health care.
  • Innovative and collaborative approach to policy development with the goal of a single voice for health care.
  • Pragmatic, rather than partisan, approach to policy development and advocacy that is open to the best ideas from all sources and relies on evidence and facts to drive positions.
  • A grassroots infrastructure that is second to none and reflects the innate strength of the entire Virginia hospital and health system community.

2. Improving Safety, Quality, Value and Service

3. Transforming Data and Analytics Tools

  • Consolidate, standardize and strengthen the power of health system performance metrics.
  • Improve the timeliness of data on performance of health systems.
  • Broaden the availability of health care cost and utilization information across the continuum.
  • Strengthen VHHA data and analytics programs and capabilities to support health system performance improvement.
  • Support effective health information exchange policies, tools and systems.

4. Cutting Edge Education and Communication

  • Expand audiences for educational programs and services.
  • Develop a multi-faceted communications campaign and strategies to strengthen public approval of hospitals and health systems.
  • Use innovative communication vehicles and mechanisms (e.g. social media) to reach more audiences inside and outside the membership.
  • Continue providing information to broad audiences on the importance of hospitals and health systems to the Commonwealth.

5. Broadening Membership and Members Impact

  • Create a strategic alignment with other entities to achieve a single voice for health care.
  • Maintain fiscal stability and strength of VHHA, while keeping dues among the lowest in the country as a proportion of member revenue.