Hospital Contributions: A Vehicle to Support Health Care in Virginia

The December-January edition of VHHA’s FOCUS publication is available online. The current edition takes a closer look at the concept of hospital provider contributions as a potential means to draw down federal matching funds to support health care in the Commonwealth. VHHA in the Dec. 1, 2015 letter to Gov. Terry McAuliffe and members of the Virginia General Assembly detailed a set of six firm principles that are essential to the potential implementation of an assessment program. Virginia hospitals historically have opposed this idea. But renewed attention focused on the concept in 2015 when a state work group was convened to evaluate its potential prospects in Virginia. Hospitals remain quizzical about this approach, but have expressed an openness to considering it, under strictly defined conditions, in the name of health care stability at a time in the Commonwealth when local hospitals and health systems face challenging economic conditions due to unfunded mandates and deep federal funding cuts. Hospitals are vitally important to their local communities as economic engines, major employers, and public health providers. In addition to reading the latest FOCUS edition, we also encourage you to visit to learn more about health care policy issues and to sign up in support of Virginia’s local hospitals.

Read the December-January FOCUS issue here.