On the Brink: The Plight of Rural Virginia and its Hospitals

The October-November edition of VHHA’s FOCUS publication takes a closer look at the challenging economic plight of Virginia’s rural hospitals and the communities they serve. Rural hospitals are vitally important to their local communities as economic engines, major employers, and public health providers. Unfortunately, they face serious financial stress due to government decisions, funding cuts, and community demographics. Policy solutions that protect rural hospitals are necessary to preserve the stability of health care providers in communities outside Virginia’s population centers where a strong health care network is a key asset. We encourage you to read the current edition and share it among your networks. We also encourage you to visit www.ISupportVirginiaHospitals.com to learn more about the Virginia Hospitals: Our Lifeline public awareness campaign, and to sign up in support of Virginia’s local hospitals.

Read the October-November FOCUS issue here.