VHHA’s Quality and Safety Steering Committee recommended to the VHHA Board at the 2011 fall meeting that the Palliative Care Workgroup become the Palliative Care Forum. This Forum was established in December of 2011 and met for the first time in January of 2012.

This forum’s scope of work includes providing educational programs to increase the understanding of palliative care and to improve end of life care, supporting statewide networking of Palliative Care Programs, sharing best practice policies, guidelines and standards, educating hospitals and health systems about palliative and hospice care, including outpatient services, supporting the current efforts of the POST program, exploring the development of Advance Directives that are life illness specific, encouraging the development of outpatient palliative care services, assist in the education of physicians about coding issues surrounding palliative care, support training, education and credentialing for all palliative care team members.

For more information please contact Priscilla Shuler at pshuler@vhha.com.