Virginia's hospitals and health systems work to provide high quality, compassionate care to all who need it regardless of their ability to pay. These pages include information on statewide quality and patient safety initiatives, community benefit, hospitals generally and other information of benefit to the public. We hope you find this information useful.

VHHA Svcs for Resources Page
VHHA Shared Services was founded by VHHA in 1980 to deliver an array of products and resources to help Virginia hospitals and health systems improve their clinical, financial and operational performance. On this website, you will learn about VHHA's range of services, as well as information regarding how VHHA Shared Services evaluates and selects vendor partners who can deliver breakthrough performance in areas needed by today's dynamic Virginia health care organizations.
Through the Virginia Healthcare Emergency Management Program, Virginia hospitals and health systems, VHHA working in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Health, and other partners have enhanced their capabilities to respond to and recover from a wide range of public health emergencies. Created by SiteVision, Inc., VHASS was made to enhance the distribution of critical emergency management information needed by Virginia hospitals and other health care providers.

Public Resources

Uninsured Virginians can enroll for health care coverage through Virginia’s Health Insurance Marketplace established as part of the Affordable Care Act.
AHRQ State Snapshots (Custom)
Each year the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) releases its State Snapshots that provide detailed, state-level performance summaries.
Child ID
Virginia law requires hospitals with obstetric services to offer to provide to the parent of each infant born at the hospital a blood sample collected from the infant.
Alert wristbands are used in hospitals and nursing homes to communicate quickly a certain health care status or an “alert” that a patient may have.
The following websites can assist health care providers manage and prepare for patients with this virus.
health care career center
Finding and maintaining a strong health care workforce is a priority for VHHA members. Statewide health care career opportunities and educational materials are available.
VHHA has helped develop state laws governing health care decision-making and in assisting its members and the public in understanding and implementing them.
An online compendium of community health indicators for every city and county in Virginia.