VHHA is pleased to offer camp grant opportunities for summer camps for middle school students. Stay tuned for 2016 opportunities!

Camp leaders are available to speak about their experiences. Please feel free to contact them or Barbara Brown, VHHA, via e-mail or by phone at (804) 965-5722 to discuss holding a camp at your hospital/health system. Each fall, VHHA hosts a “roundup” of all the camp leaders so they can share their experiences and learn from each other. Those interested in offering a camp may attend.

VHHA has a couple articles for new or prospective camp leaders detailing What We Learned at Summer Camp and How to Host a Summer Health Career Camp. Does the camp experience make a difference? Read From Camp to Career, how health care summer camps changed their futures.

2015 VHHA Summer Camp Funding Application Process

The 2015 funding cycle has ended. Stay tuned for 2016 funding opportunities!

As a long-term strategy to reduce health care employee shortages, VHHA is offering grants to health systems and their partners to sponsor summer nursing and health career camp experiences for middle school students. Successful camp experiences can positively influence students’ perceptions about health careers, remove misconceptions about the field and increase their interest in choosing a health career. It is hoped that the availability of the grants will allow partners to expand an existing program, replace a program eliminated due to state funding, or to start a program in areas previously underserved by summer experience opportunities. VHHA funds nursing and health career camps for middle school students only; defined as rising seventh, eighth or ninth graders. The grant request must be submitted by a member hospital or health system. Hospitals and health systems are encouraged to partner with health career schools or universities to expand camp activities. Applications are due March 6, 2015. VHHA offers rolling acceptance of funding proposals to allow facilities to start actively seeking campers before the submission cut-off date. If the application is for a new camp, the submission deadline may be extended upon request. Please contact Dr. Brown at bbrown@vhha.com.

Applicants for VHHA funding for health career summer or weekend camps should submit the following:

  1. A completed cover sheet (described below)
  2. Line item budget that includes support from other sources with 50% cash matching funds required. If the camp director(s) is (are) employed in an administrative position full-time, their salary cannot be included in the budget. Funds for staffing are to be used to buy-off time for health professionals routinely involved in patient care to assist with camp activities. Funds may also be used for equipment that will be used in future camps.
  3. Daily agenda for the camp that lists at least one hands-on activity for each time slot. Hospital tours are not considered hands-on activities. Camps that operate as half-day health fairs are discouraged. Camps are to occur when the school year for public schools surrounding the primary camp site have closed for the summer.

Applicants hosting novice and advanced camps (for returning campers) must submit an application for each camp. VHHA understands that returning campers are likely to be high school students.

Cover Sheet

Cover Sheet is to include the following information:

Applicant Organization:

Cosponsor Organizations (if any):

Project Manager (include title, work address, phone number and e-mail):

Amount of Request: (At least 50% of funding for camps must be provided by applicant and cosponsor organizations)

Is this camp being offered for the first time?

Purpose of Camp (Include target population):


Deliverables: (describe how you will evaluate your camp as to its effect on career decisions and knowledge of camp content)

Sessions (dates and hours):

Number of campers to be enrolled: (Camps that have operated for one summer or more must enroll at least 15 students for the summer. The students can be split between two camp sessions. Exceptions are made for advanced camps and for hospitals under 90 beds.)

Line Item Budget

Budget should describe projected revenues such as application fees or other grants and expenses (personnel, equipment, supplies, meals, student transportation, etc). Applicants must use the 2015 Camp Budget spreadsheet format (XLS) for middle school camps to describe budget. Applicants may send a budget narrative with the spreadsheet if they wish. Budget items assigned to be given to campers may include scrub tops, stethoscopes and educational materials (anatomy activity books). Items used for hospital marketing purposes are not to be included in the camp budget. Applications are available here.

2015 Camps in the News:
(if a link is provided, the story still appears on that web site)

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  • Fauquier Health
  • VCU Community Memorial Hospital
  • Carilion Clinic
  • LewisGale Medical Center
  • Page Memorial Hospital
  • Chippenham Hospital
  • Southside Regional Medical Center

If your camp was featured in the news, please provide us a link to the media outlet for inclusion.